Every day, from December 2008 to November 2009, I posted content on a Tumblr account to practice programming "generative art" and to explore “principles of form and design”.

14 years later (2023) I rediscovered the account and decided to give the content a more permanent home here.

Do I think the content is good? No – a lot of it is mediocre and low quality. However, it is nice to have a reference of ideas that I had in the past, and to see what worked and what did not.

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A lot of the content was inspired by well known artists.

Other inspiring creators, curators, and Tumblrs include:

Some of the pieces were made using Processing, some were made using Adobe Fireworks. Often it was a mixture of both.

Some of the pieces use photographs to sample colors. All of these photos were made by me, with exception for one: Joseph Kittinger's skydive, which is in the public domain, is used in #310, #313, #327, #331, #334, #339, #351, #355.